Doug Bolden (wyrmis) wrote in huntsville,
Doug Bolden

Anyone heard of the Star-Fax record label?

At the reference desk, today, got a query about the Star Fax (also possibly Star-Fax or StarFax) record label that was out of Huntsville or at least worked in Huntsville in the 1950s and one artist in particular: Earl Mack. I have found on Amazon, the song "Oh I Love You So" and have found a few Rockabilly collections that have that song on it, but these are reprints and seem to be pretty vague about the original source. One of the collections on eBay mentions the "Star-Fax" label in passing and besides that I have found almost nothing.

According to the question, Earl Mack's real name would have been Earl Gene McRaney. Born '31, died just a few years ago in '03. Have seen no evidence of any other singles or any other work with/from that record label.

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame did not seem to have anything. I've sent a brief query to the public library to see what they have. He was born more Southernly so it is possibly that someone around the Montgomery area has something, but I figured I'd toss this out there just in case someone was a local rockabilly scholar.


UPDATE. I have the following additional information, which might be of some interest.

The address in the last 50's, early 60s:
P.O. Box 1268
Huntsville, Al

There were at least two styles of label. The Earl Mack track in question used the original:,

...later acts used a modified one (see: The Viscounts:

Looks like the producer was By-Nash of Nashville, which was still around into the early 80s at least and might still be around, just in Florida now.
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