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Huntsville Steam Meet-up (7 March 09) - Part 3 of 3

Greetings folks,

Here’s the final installment in the Huntsville Steam Meet-up

This past weekend, airship cargo relocation specialists, adventurers, and raggamuffins from the mid-south descended upon the Historic Huntsville (Alabama) Train Depot and Museum. In fact on very short notice of only a week or so, 17 of us appeared at the request of Tomas, Captain of the Airship (AS) Revenger.

Snacks were served, robberies occurred and duels were heard. It was a fun afternoon. Many a photo was taken so I'm going to break these up into 3 posts to avoid hurting folks with low bandwidth modems.

Sir, you raided “MY” prize


Engineer’s mate Brenna challenged Otto von Clank – her six shot versus his Electro Sonic Finger of Doom

Why waste a round when his finger doesn’t work


Three gentlemen of adventure (myself, Capt Tomas and Prof Sid)

Group photo

Aren’t these the kind of folks you want to adventure with?

Thanks for looking folks. I’ll try to announce the next gathering a bit better here.
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