Jeff Cotten (omegix) wrote in huntsville,
Jeff Cotten

Scavenger Huntsville

Get to know your town a little better – join us for our Scavenger Hunt!  This is the first trial of a community-wide scavenger hunt game brought to you by some members of Makers Local 256.

The Tasks: Find an object from our hints, take a picture of it, and post the picture in a twitter message as a reply to @HSVsh

The Objects: Objects in and around Huntsville.  Different every week, for four weeks.

The Hints: Every Friday, a hard one.  Every Monday, an easier one.  Every Wednesday, an even easier one.  Posted at 12 pm noon from the @HSVsh twitter account.

The Points: Until the 2nd clue is posted = 5 points.  Until the 3rd clue is posted = 3 points.  After the 3rd clue until the next object = 1 point.

The Goal: Highest score after 4 rounds (weeks) gets a $50 gift card.  In the case of a tie, a tie breaker round will be held.  First to tweet the right answer, wins.

The Tools: A twitter account and camera or camera phone.  Follow @HSVsh .

The game starts Friday March 5, 2010!

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